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An affordable option that is both classic and durable.

With a shingle roofing system, what you lose in durability is made up for with the visual appeal of these classic roofs.

We only use the best products that last, and shingle roofs are a great and affordable option for sloped, flat, and custom roofing installations. With our expert staff we can also advise the best methods to maintain and restore your property’s needs when necessary far down the line.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Vancouver

Most of our residential and commercial shingle solutions utilize GAF Timberline shingle roofing systems. In the last 15 years alone GAF shingle roofing systems have earned more than 40 industry awards, so when we say we are giving you the best roof for your buck, you can take that to the bank.

Our Pro Torch Roofing experience insures that your strata roofing project is completed efficiently with as minimal inconvenience as possible. Our goal is to complete your project with the greatest consideration for all of the occupants of the building and we work hand in hand with property management to insure we complete the job professionally, quickly and with as little impact to the residents as possible.

Pro Torch Roofing provides quality service to every project. We supply the finest roofers with specialized equipment capable of successfully completing any project. What makes us different from any other company is our honesty, efficient work, and communication. Each step will be explained with precise details leaving you reassured and satisfied.

Our mission is simple, provide quality service for an affordable price that gets the project done without any hassle. Our Safety Manager is certified  with the latest courses and requirements guarantying a successful and safe job.

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  • "Torch on Membrane"

    Adrian from Burnaby

    Pro Torch Roofing has completed a torch on membranes projects for large deck with great results.This company was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Artur was always available to answer questions and his crew were very fast and professional. The work was top notch and I'd highly recommend their services!